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OEM / ODM Service

1. What’s OEM and ODM?


OEM/ODM is business mode resulted from high division of modern industries and business, 

for it can integrate resources efficiently to reach win-win result, more and more products come 

out by this way.


OEM is short for original Equipment manufactory, usually means supplier provide its existing 

products under brands which clients (usually are holders) appointed, or provide production 

according to clients’ requirement of drawings, specs, assembling process, test standards, 

packing etc. under OEM way, suppliers principally do not provide design, only factory 

production services, clients can focus on design and sales, keep away from complicated 

and high invested factory operation management.


ODM is short for original design manufacturer, it means suppliers provide products design, 

and production based on clients’ idea and marketing requirement, or based on samples. Under

 this way, compared with OEM, suppliers provide R&D design services.

2. Cooperation Mode


OEM: Clients choose VCA’s exiting models, provide product mark files (logo, model, label, 

housing color, etc)

1) Sample copy: customer provide samples, we study and copy.
2) Housing change: customer choose VCA Laser existing models, and we change housing 

no need to change electronic and function.

3) Software change: Customers choose exclusive software, we design new software depend on 

customer require.
4) Brand new development: customer provide spec, function requirements, housing idea, we 

design, make sample, and confirm with customer.

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