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    Newest Portable RF Slimming Machine

    Using its 1-40Mhz adjustable frequency technology and get in touch with cooling system, permeate epidermis function on dermis directly.
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                                   Newest Portable RF Slimming Machine

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Using its 1-40Mhz adjustable frequency technology and get in touch with cooling system, permeate epidermis function on dermis directly. 

Program to quickly alter-nate the electric field in the skin from positive to unfavorable in purchase to established the ideal relevant frequency. 

RF pro-duces warmth when the tissue's electric level of resistance con-verts the electrical current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis.

when the heat of dermis tissue achieve to 45℃~72℃, Initial collagen denatura-tion within these thermally modified deep cells causes the immediate cells contraction. Following neocollagenesis after that additional tightens the dermal tissues and decreases wrinkles!

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1.Remove skin and deeper wrinkles; 

2.Reshape lineament; Body framing ; Weight dropping. 

3.Alleviate vision pouch 

4.Anti-aging for face and body encounter lifting and tighten pores and skin 

5.Improve fruit peel off organization,Repair pregnant lines 

6.Promote tissue metabolism,skin rejuvenation and whiten skin 

7.Pore missing 

8.Activate the preliminary collagen cellular material , Increase epidermis elasticity and gloss.Sases RF machine price,RF machine suppliers,RF machine

Unique Features

1.USB upgrading Technology,operating the machine and pc at the same time. 

2.Intelligent refrigeration system and superb temperature Control design for comfy and good treatment effect

3.No discomfort, simply no cut, no side-effect , simply no need unique recovery. 

4.Huge color touch-screen , basic operation. 

5.Instantaneous shrinking skin: when the temperature of collagen up to 45℃-72℃,the colla-gen will shrink instantaneously .Consequently, one period treatment consider apparent result.

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Monopolar RF, Biopolar RF , Tripolar RF and Multipolar are built-in in 1 machine. 

Pulse, lengthy pulse may become consecutively delivered therefore because to make great treatment result; 

Connect and screen" manage connect: combines individual safety of drinking water circulation and electricity

Program vocabulary: British, France, The spanish language, Philippines etc. for option Long-lasting rejuvenation effect. 

Right and total medical data guide you easy to set treatment parameter. 

Not really optics treatment, suitable for all types skin


Warranty: We offer 3 years warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.
Training: User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video CD,etc.
Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medic device production licence,etc. 

Quality: 80% imported promised best quality. 

OEM/ODM: There is mold factory, painting factory for ourselves, fastest and lowest cost price for offer OEM/ODM service. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software.



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