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    Ultrasonic RF Vacuum Cavitation System

    Ultrasound Cavitation process starts with ultrasound waves, which create a bubble in the cells of the fat cells.
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             Ultrasonic rf vacuum rf ultrashape cavitation system cavitation machine  

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Ultrasound Cavitation process starts with ultrasound waves, which create a bubble in the cells of the fat cells.  The bubble then expands rapidly and compresses, creating a temperature enhance and an implosion. With this implosion, the body fat cells and cellulite are damaged. Vacuum the explosion effects inside and outside the cellular material will increase the molecular motions. so because to achieve an high energy state .after that make the lipocyte dissolving quickly.

RF we adopt 1-40Mhz adjustable frequency creates heat when the tissue's electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep cells causes the immediate tissues contraction. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. 

Diode Laserlight warmth up the pores and skin to reduce impedance and to support the RF penetrate deeper. it produces benign stimulation which can accelerate the collagen and elastic fiber renascence to swiftness up the cells metabolism.


1. Fat dissolving & slimming & Body shaping

2. Promote cells metabolism, whiten skin

3. Improve fruit peel company, repair pregnant lines

4. Active collagen, Face lifting, improve the epidermis elasticity

5. Remove epidermis and deeper wrinkles

6. Anti-aging for face and body

7. Alleviate eyes pouch

8. Pore missing

9. Promote blood circulation, Reduce fatigue

Slimming machine price,Slimming  machine supply,Slimming  machine quotation

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VCA Advantages

1. 2-6cm reduced after 1st time treatment!

2. Combine the new low frequency ultrasound Cavitation, RF,Vacuum, 650nmeters Diode 

Laser four technology in one machine, accomplish the slimming plus tighten skin perfect effect one period.

3. 7 type handpieces and numerous frequency free to choose, appropriate for all kinds of pores and skin and people.

4. No pain, no cut, no scar, no any side-effect.

5. Professional vacuum pump, best result no traceless,no rebound, long-lasting result!

6. No consume, inner system attain to international CE standard.

7. TUV ISO13485, CE approved


Warranty: We offer 3 years warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.
Training: User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video CD,etc.
Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medic device production licence,etc. 

Quality: 80% imported promised best quality. 

OEM/ODM: There is mold factory, painting factory for ourselves, fastest and lowest cost price for offer OEM/ODM service. 



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